Kitchen Reveal

The last time I posted about the house I shared our ongoing journey with you as we fixed terrace 53 after a house fire. It’s now been three months since we moved back in and I thought it was finally about time I showed you the kitchen now it’s nearly finished….(and yes the oven is on in all the pictures, I had some hash browns cooking haha).

In the photos above you can see what it looks like now, what it looked like when we first bought the house and moved in and what it looked like after we did the first decoration ourselves shortly after moving in.

You’ll see that we kept the layout pretty much the same, in fact the actual cupboards probably look familiar as they are indeed the same style of kitchen – we just decided to go to the dark side and opt for navy as opposed to going with white cupboards again. I’d clearly been influenced by instagram but as the kitchen is quite large and gets a lot of light the room can really handle it. The kitchen units are from Howden’s and are from their shaker range and we went with copper handles to compliment the navy.

When I found out we would have to get a new kitchen all I wanted was a Belfast sink and it fits with the style of our house perfectly. It was Matt’s idea for us to get the double sink which I didn’t really see the point of, but it’s very useful especially as we have to be careful not to get the worktops too wet as they are solid wood.

As you’ll see in old photos of the kitchen we originally had cupboards on top but we decided to go with shelves to add a more contemporary and minimalist look. It’s safe to say the builders hated us by the time they had finished putting up the shelves as our walls are very wonky! One of the quirks of living in an old house.

We couldn’t find the sizes we needed in the shops so we prayed that we had measured correctly and bought solid wood floating shelves online at Top Shelf UK. As I’m sure you can imagine I had lots of fun styling the shelves!

All our electrical appliances had to be thrown out and replaced due to the risk of carbon in the wires from the severe smoke damage. This meant a brand new microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge etc. Luckily our insurance pay out came just in time for Black Friday so we managed to make the most of the very good deals on ao.com and it really did feel like Christmas had come early!

The solid worktop surfaces definitely make the room look bigger and have added that little bit extra space for cooking and keeping our things. In order to protect the wood we have to make sure we keep the surfaces as dry as we can so always wiping down the surfaces after doing the washing up and have to treat it every 6 months.

We originally decorated the kitchen grey and white when we first moved in and it became a bit of a joke amongst our friends especially as I very rarely wear bright colours and pretty much only own black clothes. However, having to renovate the house gave us the perfect opportunity to try new things and make changes so we rolled with it and went bold deciding to have two blue walls instead of just one. Matt wasn’t exactly sold when he first saw it, but thank goodness he changed his mind as it was definitely my idea. I think it was at the stage where I all wanted to be was back in the house so I asked for ALL the colour!

The blue seems to look different in every light (it doesn’t look the best in these photos) but the paint is from Dulux’s vinyl matt range and is the shade Sapphire Springs 1.

As much as I would have absolutely loved a real parquet floor we really couldn’t justify the cost so settled on a vinyl parquet style from Carpet Right which Matt has very strict instructions to be aware of when bringing in his bikes and oil!

We were conscious that as we had already decorated the downstairs rooms once before we didn’t want the house to change too much as we wanted it to still feel like home when we moved back in. The bar was my favourite part of the kitchen before so naturally we tried to keep it similar. As I type this there’s actually more bottles of bubbly to add to the shelves thanks to a recent birthday but I do love having a designated bar!

I’m so happy with how the kitchen has turned out as it’s obviously our most used room. If you have any questions as to where anything is from or want to have a watch of my kitchen tour you can message/follow me on instagram @terrace53.

Do you have any kitchen renovation plans?

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