My Christmas Bucket List

Now that the 1st December has passed it’s well and truly time to talk about Christmas. I’m determined to make this year even more special as we move back into the house and for the first time this year we’ll actually be cooking Christmas dinner in our very own home and I’m so excited. (Although I say we but let’s be honest – Matt is head chef). Our Christmas traditions are a few days delayed this year as we wait to move back in to the house but I thought it would be nice to share with you all my Christmas bucket list and the traditions which really mark the start of Christmas for me…

The Coca Cola Advert…

Now I always say, Christmas begins the first time I see the Christmas Coca Cola advert on TV. For me this was last week and I genuinely ran from the kitchen to the living room when I heard the theme tune… much to Matt’s amusement. I can’t help but sing along like a big kid.

A good old cheesy Christmas film marathon…

Possibly one of my favourite traditions because it’s an excuse to do nothing but there’s always got to be at least one afternoon (ok, day) spent sitting on the sofa under a blanket watching all my favourite Christmas films whilst eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Love Actually is obviously a must!

Decorating the house…

Matt and I always ensure we have a few beers in and Christmas tunes playing whilst we decorate the house. Wreath on the door, fairy lights in the window, Christmas tree in the living room and the smells of the Christmas scented candles filling the house.

Choosing a present theme…

This would usually be writing cards and wrapping up presents but in an effort to be more environmentally friendly we are only giving cards to family this year. I do however need to choose a theme for the presents and I have been researching more sustainable ways in which to wrap up gifts.

Reunion with the girls….

I absolutely love seeing my best friends over the Christmas period. Our Christmas meet up’s have got a little more sophisticated since our school days which consisted of a trip to spoon’s and night out at Toke’s in Bradford. They’re even more special now that we live here, there and everywhere with my best friends – Coco now living in France and Rosie down in London. I hope we can all get together over a bottle of bubbly and catch up, we honestly laugh so much when we are reunited.

The Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special

There’s no TV show I cackle at as much as Gavin & Stacey, especially the Christmas special. Matt and I have started our own little tradition of watching this every December. PAMELAAAAAAA.

 A book haul

I always venture into Leeds city centre in the days of Christmas limbo between boxing day and new year and one of my favourite things to do is wonder around Waterstone’s spending my Christmas money on books to add to my reading list for the new year.

A country walk..

We’re lucky enough to live in an area that is easily commutable to Leeds but out of the city centre hustle and bustle surrounded by countryside and only a short journey to the Yorkshire Dales. Nothing beats wrapping up warm and getting outside for some fresh air to walk off the numerous glasses of prosecco and chocolates consumed.


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  1. We’re trying to do Christmas more environmentally too. I’ve used old newspapers before but not the prettiest! We have some offcuts of wallpaper that otherwise would be binned, so might try to use them to wrap with! Also, brown paper is recyclable which is better than some wrapping paper, and can be quite nice with an artistic eye!

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