20 things that brought me joy in November…


I think it’s safe to say that this month we more than made up for not socialising in October catching up with friends over beer and food – what’s better? Whilst we’re not back in the house yet we are so very close and we have seen it completely transform the past few weeks. Here’s 20 things that brought me joy in November….

1. Lunch at the Ivy in Leeds with my mum.

2. The H&M in Glasgow – oh my, that home department.

3. Celebrating my friend Anisha’s birthday with a few g&t’s.

4. Fundraising at Trafford for the amazing charity I work for – so incredibly proud to be a part of it.

5. A much needed relaxing spa afternoon in Manchester.

6. Carpets being fitted in the house – it’s starting to look like a home again <3

7. Discovering Peaky Blinders – I know, I’m late to the party….

8. Catching up with old work colleagues over a few pints and food at our all time favourite Bundobust.

9. The Belfast sink in our new kitchen, yes I am apparently now that person.

10. Brunch at our favourite local café.

11. My new pair of jeans – I cannot wait for us to get our clothes back from cleaning!

12. An evening spent with friends at our local beer festival.

13. A cheeky trip to Mc Donald’s – don’t judge.

14. Our order arriving – I mean how can you not be excited about that?

15. Winning £50 at the pub quiz, obviously it was my knowledge of 90’s and early noughties bands and films which got us those extra points.

16. Seeing the Christmas Coca Cola advert on TV….holidays are coming!

17. A bar crawl with our friends around Kelham Island in Sheffield.


19. The first mince pie of the year….

20. The news that we will be back in the house before Christmas <3

The past two months have felt like a blur with the effects of the house fire overshadowing everything. However, I’ve loved writing posts such as this to remind me of the things and most importantly the people who have made us smile. I honestly couldn’t be more excited for December and I’m determined to make this the best Christmas yet!


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