Fixing Terrace 53

The effects of severe smoke damage from our house fire in September has resulted in some what of a rather extensive impromptu makeover of the whole house which if you follow me on instagram you will have seen. Walls have been stripped back to the brick and carpets ripped up!

Now that we are a few weeks on and feeling more settled in our rented accommodation we are trying to concentrate on the positives of the situation which are that we get to start again from scratch, make changes, utilise the help of the fantastic team of builders, joiners and plumbers and do things which we probably wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves.

I therefore thought I’d let you know how we are getting on with fixing terrace 53 and some of our plans!

Living Room

*how it looked before

So the living room was my favourite room of the whole house! It was the first room in the house which we decorated and was the room we spent the most time in. We had it pretty much how we wanted it with the DFS French Connection sofa (I didn’t know you could love a sofa so much), our gallery wall, collection of vinyl and La Redoute furniture (thank you 40% off sales). The damage in the living room was mainly to the walls, carpet and material items but luckily our frames and artwork on the walls, wooden furniture (and hopefully electrical items) have been saved so the room will soon feel like ours again soon 🙂

As it was our favourite room we do want to keep it fairly similar. Whilst we are using the opportunity to make changes we still want it to feel like our house, we don’t want to lose too much of what it was because that was part of our first year in the house and reminds us of those memories – if that makes sense?

We have however taken advantage of an empty room, stripped walls and no carpet to knock out the fireplace ourselves getting rid of the hideous electric fire which was attached (only just, it would seem) to the wall. We briefly thought about it when we first moved in but with the stress of moving we just wanted to settle in quickly and didn’t have the mental capacity to think about it at the time.

Opening the fireplace up has already completely transformed the room, making it look bigger, showcasing some of the house’s history and original character. As for the colour schemes we are keeping it the same with grey and white however we have gone with a darker grey to bring some more warmth to the room and have painted it on the whole of one wall not just the chimney breast. Our very talented friend Chris is making us some shelves with walnut which we picked a few months ago and I can’t wait for these to be fitted so I can style them and have some of our favourite possessions on display.


*how it looked before

So the kitchen has completely come out as the kitchen (other than the cellar) was the room most badly damaged.   The kitchen walls were grey and white with white kitchen units but clearly instagram has influenced me too much as we have gone for navy units with gold handles against white walls and the remaining walls a beautiful navy colour. The kitchen itself such as the units is pretty similar to our last one just in a different colour from Howden’s but we are adding a belfast sink which I am very excited about, parque style vinyl flooring and instead of having units on the top we are replacing them with shelves – which again will require more styling #sheflie.

The kitchen is currently being fitted as I type so fingers crossed it’s done by the end of the week and I can’t wait to have everyone round again for dinner to celebrate!


*during work – before the cupboard was knocked out 

The hallway is where we are really taking the opportunity to use the builders to gain more usable space. We have knocked out the cupboard at the top of the stairs opposite the bathroom which housed things like coats, towels, and bedding to make way for a hallway style office/desk space.

The built in cupboard was here when we first moved in and we suspect had been in for some time (it wasn’t the best built). We did have a desk and computer set up in the spare room but as that room is quite small and only gets smaller when the sofa bed is out properly we thought why not utilise this space?

I knew the cupboard was big but seeing how much space it took up was really surprising and it has already made a significant difference to the hallway. We’ll also be replacing the horrible metal bannister with wooden spindles which will wrap around and hopefully make the space bright and airy. I can’t wait – it feels like we are gaining a whole new room!


*how it looked before

Luckily not much needs to be done to the bathroom as our amazing team helping us out did a fantastic job of cleaning and it was also the room furthest away from the start of the fire so our bath, sink, toilet and bathroom cabinets can stay! We do however have to get a new floor thanks to the flooring company taking a sample out when they didn’t need too but again we’re finding a positive and going for a different colour to bring some more light into the room which will look great against the walls when they’re touched up with paint.


We hadn’t actually touched upstairs since moving in but whilst both bedrooms were damaged- again we are lucky that the majority of our possessions can be saved by specialist cleaning and it’s just a case of decorating the walls and fitting a new carpet. Sadly both beds have had to be binned but I do have my eyes on this sofa bed for the spare room…. The feature wall in our bedroom has been painted a gorgeous deep green and the spare bedroom has had quite the change going from boring magnolia to white & navy. Hopefully make it all lovely for people to come and stay with us 🙂

Saying it’s been a stressful and emotional few weeks would be putting it lightly but we’re closer to being back in our home and our insurers and those working on the house – builders, plumbers, joiners, electricians etc have all been wonderful, reassuring us, looking after us and helping make our house our home again.

Fingers crossed for Christmas back in the house and I can’t wait to show you when it’s done!



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