20 things that brought me joy in October


October has absolutely flown past me. Other than my birthday it is my favourite time of the year as autumn arrives with its beautiful orange leaves, sunny crisp days and the first steps towards winter hibernation –  which obviously include my obligatory rerun of Gilmore Girls from the very beginning and the purchasing of many many scarves.

I don’t think I’ve fully embraced October as much as I would have hoped. The house has obviously been still very much on the forefront of our minds and not forgetting everything that comes with it from renting a house in the interim to balancing work whilst multiple tradesmen need letting in the house. I don’t think I’ll be truly back to myself until we are back in our very home but there are still plenty of things that have made me smile during the past few weeks to help me move in the right direction. Here are 20 things that have brought me joy in October…

1.  Finally moving out of the hotel in to a lovely rented house on our street!

2. Our beautiful goddaughter singing Happy Birthday to Matt – very cute.

3. Brunch at our favourite coffee spot in Leeds for Matt’s birthday.

4. Pretty much spending all weekend with our friends Chris & Isobel and their cats – chilling, decorating and drinking. (Drank after the painting don’t worry!) I think we may need to start paying rent the amount we have been at their house the past few weeks…

5. Successfully managing our team’s biggest event of the year in and amongst everything house related going on.

6. Discovering the most amazing hot chocolate in Leeds, Yorkshire, possibly the world. It’s THAT good.

7. A Saturday afternoon walk around the park and river with my friend Hannah.

8. The ability to cook our own home made meals again!

9. Receiving a packet of pampering treats from the uni girls <3

10. A good old boogy to the Spice Girls with our friends at Lorna & James’ wedding.

11. Spending a day exploring London in the sun.

12. Tea at my mum and dad’s because it’s always nice to go home.

13. Singing very loudly at Los Campesinos’ 10th year anniversary gig.

14. Being surprised by my colleagues with a crown – fit for an events queen.

15. Choosing our new kitchen – I am very very excited.

16. Thursday night post work gin & food with my friends Felicity & Anisha.

17. A hangover trip to Temple Coffee for donuts. ALL the donuts.

18. The house being painted – I’m absolutely in love with the colours we chose.

19. Receiving the most loveliest feedback from one of our event sponsors at work – such a good feeling knowing all your hard work has paid off.

20.  The pumpkin cake my friend at work Stacey made – didn’t last very long in the office!

Here’s to the countdown to Christmas….

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