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Health & Fitness Goals : December


Yussss it’s December – FINALLY! I’ve been ready for Christmas since the beginning of November so I am very happy we are only three weeks away (even though I still pretty much have all my Christmas shopping to do, oops). This obviously is my final monthly instalment of my health & fitness goals for the year and I think at some point this month I’m going to take the time to read all my past posts to see how things have changed as there’s definitely been phases of confidence & motivation and phases of ‘nah mate not b
othered’. Whilst I’ve not enjoyed writing these posts or even blogging in general as much recently it’s nice to have a written record even of the smallest achievements…

Last month…

I DID IT! I completed the Leeds 10k Abbey Dash and absolutely smashed my target finishing 5 minutes earlier than I was expecting! It was SO much fun, well apart from the last 2K. I was really nervous beforehand as it was my first ever ‘run’ but everyone was lovely chatting away in the pens which created a great atmosphere. It helped that it was a bright dry day and I found myself distracted from the distance just being nosey, taking in my surroundings and smiling at all the lovely supporters who were watching on the side of the streets. Matt and my parents were waiting near the finish and nearly missed me as they weren’t expecting me just yet! It’s definitely given me more confidence and I proven to myself I just need to get over the mental barrier I always put up. I’d definitely recommend the Abbey Dash if you’re Leeds based and a beginner like me.


This month…

Well, December is the month to be merry which judging from my diary for the next few weeks is going to be quite frequent! As much as I am excited for celebrating with all my favourite people I don’t want to get to the end of December feeling exhausted & crap so I’m determined to try and maintain somewhat of a balance so I start the new year feeling positive mentally.  Don’t get me wrong I’m hoping to make the most of Prosecco, brie and a tin of quality street (its Christmas after all) but I’m determined to keep running throughout the festive period, drink plenty of water and eat healthily when I’m not at the Christmas do’s!

Have a merry & bright Christmas 🙂


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