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Health & Fitness Goals : November


I’m very happy it’s November. Not only because that means we are getting closer to Christmas (which this year I am VERY excited for) but it means that after this I only have to write one more monthly health & fitness post! I’ve been going off writing this series since about August but I can’t bring myself to miss a month or stop until I’ve done the whole year.

Last month… 

So October was all about keeping up with my training for my 10K which is only in a few days! Not panicking at all (eye roll). The beginning of the month I found quite difficult, work was busy, then we went away for a week and then my ankle was playing up so I felt like I was very much going backwards. The latter half of the month got better though and I got into more of a rhythm and routine. Starting to see myself progressing has given me slightly more confidence but I definitely feel like it’s a little too late for this weekend.

This month…

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m probably not going to run my 10K in a very good time but for me as long as I finish I’ll be happy. I’ve not put as much time & effort into training as I should have done and in typical Sarah fashion are starting to regret it.

I’m feeling in a bit of a rut at the moment with health & fitness – a lack of enthusiasm and self belief being the two main contributors. Mentally I feel like I’m in a good place at the moment but physically, compared to this time last year I don’t feel as good. I’m hoping to try and get back some motivation and determination this month. Maybe this 10k will give me a kick up the arse? Ha.

If anyone has any tips for motivation or any suggestions how I could mix up my exercise regime PLEASE TELL ME. I’m going to need something to counteract all the Christmas food and alcohol!


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