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Health & Fitness Goals : October


Well, hello – it’s been a few weeks (oops). I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone! I’ve had a really busy few weeks at work, going on holiday, catching up with friends and attempting to have some form of training plan for my upcoming 10K. Whilst this is more of a mid month update, better late than never!

Last month…

10k Training

So there’s only a few weeks now until I take part in my first ever race and I am slightly worried but as long as I finish, I’ll be happy! The aim for the rest of this month is to keep to a routine of 3 – 4 runs a week and keep on building it up to 10k. I’ve joined the staff running group at work and had so much fun just nattering away I didn’t pay any attention to how far we had run!

Holiday Prep

Matt and I enjoyed a lovely week away visiting Montenegro and its neighbouring countries. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable dressed for the hotter weather but as we spent so much time exploring I was dressed practically anyways!

Join the gym

Haha, I’ve not done this because I’ve just found running to be enough recently and I just much prefer being outside. I’m also finding running really useful for discovering our new town and having a nosey at all the posh houses nearby! I’ll of course let you know if I ever do end up joining…

This month… 

So this month, physically is all about training for my 10K and making sure that I don’t completely embarrass myself on the day! Mentally, I think it’s about preparing myself for the day and reminding myself that I can go much further than my brain is telling me I can and gaining confidence. I’ve been trying to take more care of myself recently, improving my work life balance and taking time out to chill. That paired with a holiday I think have done wonders 🙂




P.S – Who else loves autumn? 🙂

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