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Health & Fitness Goals : September


Happy September! As I mentioned in my most recent blog post there’s something about this month which feels like a new chapter with that back to school, back to uni feeling. I’m clearly thinking I’m younger than I am….

Last month…

Lunch Breaks

I could have done this more but I definitely made a start so that’s a step in the right direction. Working right next to a park I utilised my lunch breaks by going for a few walks, runs and bootcamp. Trying to make the most of the summer whilst it lasted!

Taking time out…

I was feeling quite stressed and unsettled in July so August brought a welcome week off including a girly holiday to Brighton and seats at the World Athletics. It was nice to spend some quality time with Matt that didn’t involve picking shades of grey paint for the house. Now, don’t get me wrong that’s a fun activity but sometimes you just need something different! Work is still going to be really busy this month but I feel like after a break and a few weekends at home just to potter in our house has really made the difference and given me some time to relax.


Now I love a good nosey (Matt always tells me off for snooping out of the window at the slightest sound) and thanks to my good friend Isobel I’ve been discovering some new parts of our new town. Our local park is HUGE, next to the river and has tennis courts, an outdoor gym (had a great time trying that out) and some posh houses on the other side of the bridge to look around at! It’s been getting me out for evening walks which just dramatically improve my mood after work and I’ve worked out some good routes for my upcoming challenge….

This month…

10k Training

So that challenge I mentioned? Well, I’m running the Leeds Abbey Dash in November which to be frank is quite hilarious as I hate running and are the unfittest I have been in a long time but HEY LET’S GIVE IT A GO. I think it was mid August when I decided I needed to set myself a challenge to get my arse into gear and back on the health kick. I’ve always wanted to do a 10k just to prove to myself that I can do something if I put my mind too it as I often give up quite easily so let’s see how I get on. I know most people can run a 10k no problem but I’m definitely not one of those people and no runner so I’ve got a training plan which I’ve calculated on the My Asics app and I’m quite enjoying it so far! (Wait till I get to 5k + and winter arrives – that may change!) I might even do some separate blog posts about it!

Holiday Prep

So YAY! Matt and I booked a week long holiday to Montengero and I am SO excited. Whilst my heart is definitely falling for autumnal knitwear, hats & scarves my brain is telling me to grab those end of summer sales for some sun appropriate weather. Having not been on a beach holiday since 2015 I think those clothes may be little snug so I’d like to make more of an effort to eat healthier and tone up just so I feel that little bit more comfortable. But no drastic bikini diet because a) that is not sustainable, b) not healthy & c) I like food too much 😉

Join the gym

Yep we moved in June and I’ve not still joined the local gym. Oops. My training plan for the 10k includes 4 runs a week but I’d like to mix it up a little. I actually miss spin – who said that? Oh and weights, they always made me feel strong. So I’d like to add in a bit more variety to my exercise regime and hopefully building up my general fitness and strength will also help with the running.

Wish me luck!


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