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Health & Fitness Goals : August



I honestly don’t know how we have got to August! We have been in our house 6 weeks now and whilst the chaos has settled I still don’t feel like I’m quite back into a routine yet but hopefully I’ll get there this month…

Last month…

So July was all about getting back on it to be honest! After a month of living out of boxes, a considerable number of weeks away from the gym (more than I’d like to admit) and a busy month at work I wanted to keep it simple, not put too much pressure on myself and take it back to the basics.

I’ve definitely drunk more water but didn’t do too well with eating healthier. I also started to build my fitness levels up again (and confidence) with my first outing on cleats where I didn’t fall over (yay) and tried a bootcamp class during my lunch break which I absolutely loved even in the pouring rain in the middle of the park!

This month…

Lunch Breaks

I think this past month has made me realise just how much exercise helps with my mental health. Exercising gives me a new focus, de-stresses me and makes me feel so much better afterwards. I’m wanting to utilise my lunch breaks more at work by going for a short run around the park or a walk and just get away from work and my desk.

Taking time out…

It’s all been rather hectic recently so I’m looking forward to some time off to re-charge and get away from work for a while 🙂 I have a week off for a staycation down south and of course the bank holiday at the weekend! Yay.


We’ve recently moved so what better way to explore our new area than some running, walking and cycling?




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