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Health & Fitness Goals : June


I’m sorry but how is it June already? JUNE! Here’s the usual monthly roundup of my health & fitness goals (both physical and mental health) telling you how I got on with my targets last month and what I’m looking at achieving next!

Last month…

1. Self care

I definitely feel like I’m finally managing to achieve this after 25 years! May was very busy both at work and personally but I feel like I stayed calm (the majority of the time) and allowed myself to switch off and distance myself more from work when I am at home. I spent a lot of time catching up with friends and celebrating events which was lovely but the introvert in me also managed some alone time simply watching Gilmore Girls and starting to pack for the house move. Bliss.

2. Drink more water

Again I did pretty well at this too this month. Summer decided to arrive *yay* although  my office is not designed for heat so this also encouraged me to stay hydrated and make conscious efforts to finish my bottle of water by a certain time to remind myself to drink more. I think my skin liked me for it too.

3. Get out of my comfort zone

So I had the goal of pushing myself out of my comfort zone by trying different classes at the gym and well I didn’t do too well on this last goal. I’m not going to be too hard on myself about this though as I also realised the reason why I do always go to the classes that I do is also routine, as I’m a good judge of how I will be feeling at certain points during the week and at what times depending on events of that week. Maybe try again this month…

This month…

1. Leeds Girls Can

Leeds Girls Can are extremely active on social media which I love and they always advertise these great events and opportunities which I just don’t take advantage of. There’s a cycling session I’m keen on trying so I’m going to have it as a target to make it to that this month.

2. Regular walks at work

At my place of work I usually find myself running around a lot, sorting out an event, or going to meetings. However as summer approaches and we head into planning mode, I’m finding myself sat at my desk a lot more writing evaluations of the past year and planning what events I want to run next. I noticed this the other day especially when I had a day of NO meetings, so for those days where I don’t have much planned other than working at my desk I’m going to make more of an effort to keep an eye on the steps on my Fitbit.

3. Prioritise and stay calm

We are hopefully moving into our very own home this month, or at least I hope we are as our flat tenancy runs out in a few weeks. *insert scared emoji* I’m definitely the kind of person who has to have everything in order with everything on my to do list tackled and done. However, I need to understand that I can’t do everything and sometimes things will need to give. Therefore in the chaos that will be moving I need to allow myself time to take everything in, prioritise what is actually important and what can wait. Now I think this will be the biggest challenge!

Wish me luck…


Have you got any goals for this month or the summer?

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