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Health & Fitness Goals : May


So these just keep on getting later and later in the month! Soz.

Last month…

1. Healthier lunches & snacks

I definitely found myself consciously choosing healthier snacks instead of the go to diet coke and twix. I snacked on more fruit and discovered Metcalfe’s rice cakes mmmm.

2. Cleats

I DID IT! There’s an amusing account in this blog post…

3. Cardio

I bumped up the cardio both in gym visits on my own and in classes. I have a love hate relationship with spin but as I have been going more frequently and making it more of a staple in my routine I’ve definitely felt an improvement in my fitness. Slowly getting there! I’ve also been adding in some interval training on the rowing machine and on the treadmill, but I can’t seem to last long on the treadmill – running isn’t my thing at all!

This month…

Or the two weeks left…

1. Self care

I have a really busy few weeks coming up both at work and with a house move (hopefully soon) so I need to make sure I take some ‘sarah time’. Whilst I find the gym does focus my mind and helps me destress, everyone needs a break so I want to make sure I don’t work myself up and take time out to walk, read and enjoy some episodes of Gilmore Girls. Just look after my mind 🙂

2. Drink more water

I used to be so good at drinking 2 litres every day (or weekdays when I was at work anyways) but the past few weeks I’ve found my water bottle still full by the end of the day after hardly touching it. I can always tell when I haven’t drunk enough water as I get grumpy and have a headache and moody Sarah isn’t fun for anyone.

3. Get out of my comfort zone

 I have my favourite classes at the gym but feel like I’m playing it safe for fear of failing and being awful. This month I want to try some new classes to both push myself and mix my routine up a little.

I’ll hopefully manage to share with you my health & fitness goals at the beginning of June and not at the end!



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    1. Thank you! I find it so much easier having smaller goals in a smaller time frame – makes it feel more realistic and accomplishable. Otherwise if it’s 6 months down the line I’m like ‘oh no worries got ages’ !

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