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Spring additions to my cycling wardrobe


I love Spring. The daffodils, light evenings and being able to walk out of the house without a wooly hat and scarf.  As I transitioned from my winter coat to trench coat I also transitioned from my cycling long bibs to HELLO shorts. Here’s a look at some additions to my cycling wardrobe for the Spring season and by wardrobe I mean the one drawer I have to squish everything in too because Matt’s cycling gear takes up the rest of the space!

Morvelo Flamingo Kit

So before I started cycling I just didn’t understand how Matt could part with so much money on one piece of cycling clothing. I just didn’t get it. But then I discovered Morvelo and now I well and truly understand.

Morvelo are a cycling brand based in Brighton who pride themselves on combining bike culture with pop culture and this theme is definitely present in their designs. Eye-catching, slick and fun you’ll end up wanting to buy everything you seen on the website.

Matt bought me the epic flamingo kit for my birthday and well, my cycling might not be great but I feel like an absolute pro when I wear the kit. Everything just fits perfectly, feels great and is of a high quality. The bib shorts especially are super comfy which fits why they are award winning!

This fruity number is next on my list.

Cycling Shoes

This isn’t necessarily specific to the start of Spring but they are new and after a rather eventful bike ride which you can read about here – I couldn’t leave them out!

Matt treated me to a pair of Fizik shoes for Christmas and mine are the R3 Donna women’s model in pure white, although who knows how long they’ll stay like that.  Fizik is a racing brand specialising in high performance professional cycling shoes which are handmade in Italy. Their shoes are designed to be durable, light weight and strong all of which I can say safely have been achieved.

They use an ergonomic insole design which when you add with the soft leather create an incredibly comfy shoe which even fits my huge wide feet. They have an aluminium buckle and straps are adjustable which help to create the perfect fit. They’re not cheap but Matt got an absolute bargain saving hundreds so if you’re not bothered about having the very latest model you’ll be able to find some deals out there 🙂 Trust me, they’re worth it…

Would you recommend any new additions for a Spring cycling wardrobe?


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