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Health & Fitness Goals : April

fullsizeoutput_5c2So we might be a few days into April already (oops) but here is a look back at last month’s health & fitness goals and a look at what I want to achieve in April.

Last month..

1. Lunchtime Walks

So I set myself the challenge of going for a lunchtime walk at least twice a week mainly to get myself away from the desk . Now it wasn’t always for a walk but I did manage to eat my lunch away from my desk the majority of the month. Work have created a weekly programme of activity over lunchtimes so I also enjoyed staff sing along and visits to Peppa the dog for pet therapy <3

2. Post Stretches & Cool Down

This has helped me recover after work outs a lot quicker! Should have been doing this from the very start to be honest but oh well, better late than never.

3.  No Coffee 

Well this lasted about 2 and a half weeks – fail.

4. Push Ups

I DID IT! Although I haven’t tried again since – need to get back on that!

This month… 

1.  Healthier lunches and snacks

I find it quite easy to eat healthy breakfasts and dinners but I always lack inspiration for lunch and snacks.  This month I’m hoping to have a delve into my new cookbooks and try some new recipes so that I stay full for longer and if I do need to snack – its not chocolate or crisps.

2. Cleats

So Matt bought me cleats for Christmas and I’ve been too chicken to go out in them so this month I need to face my fear and get on with it. AHHHH.

(may have managed to achieve this before writing it into this post – will share the story with you soon haha) 

3. Cardio

My focus the past 6 weeks has mainly been on weights and improving my upper body strength. This is improving and whilst I’m not going to neglect it, I need to bump cardio back up to the top of my priority list so I don’t undo all my hard work. It’s even more important to push myself now that I’ve finished my personal training sessions.

Wish me luck!


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    1. Thank you! We are only in the second week of May and it’s been pretty hectic so hoping to take better care of myself this week. I need to write May’s goals post actually 🙂

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