Last month I turned 25 (goodbye early twenties) and as March is my favourite month I wanted to share with you 25 moments in March that made me happy, laugh and smile 🙂


  1. Spending time with my beautiful goddaughter <3
  2. Walking home and listening to a man playing Coldplay amazingly on the piano in Victoria Quarter.
  3. Raaaaaainbows. Where’s my pot of gold?
  4. Putting my winter coat away and bringing my trench coat out. HELLO SPRING.
  5. Eating ALL the cake on my birthday with afternoon tea at the Hepworth.
  6. Pet therapy sessions during lunchtimes at work – I love Peppa the dog.
  7. The light evenings!
  8. The office singing Happy Birthday and surprising me with THE best lemon drizzle cake you will EVER eat.
  9. After 22 house viewings in the space of 6 weeks finally putting an offer in and having it accepted. I can’t wait for our new home!
  10. The Beauty & the Beast movie. I don’t think a film has ever made me feel so happy. Sorry to my colleagues who had to listen to me singing the soundtrack for a good week.
  11. Enjoying 3 hours of pure bliss and relaxation on a spa afternoon with the girls.
  12. Daffodils, they remind me of playing in the garden when I was little.
  13. COFFEE. I know, I broke lent but who cares? Made me happy and probably benefited everyone else in the office too.
  14. My new Morvelo cycling kit Matt bought me for my birthday. It has FLAMINGO’S on it for goodness sake!
  15. The slides and rapids at Centre Parcs. I am basically just a big kid.
  16. Beating a personal best deadlift weight. STRONG.
  17. Playing the game Speak Out, I couldn’t stop crying with laughter.
  18. Discovering Suits – I am now well and truly obsessed with this TV show. Hi Harvey 😉
  19. Tea at my godmother’s – she really is the best cook. ‘Oh you know, I just whipped this up’. Oh stop it.
  20. Listening to the Harry Potter films soundtrack at work and knowing exactly what scene it was… nerd.
  21. Nails Inc nailvarnishes for £2.99 in T K Maxx. Why wouldn’t you?
  22. Getting a hole in one whilst playing adventure golf at Centre Parcs. Mad skills.
  23. Birthday drinks with my close friends.
  24. Cheesecake – it makes the world a better place.
  25. Buying a red top with flares and ruffles. I am one step closer to becoming the salsa dancing emoji.




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