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Health & Fitness Goals : March



As I mentioned in my blog post last month, after feeling quite demotivated at the beginning of the year I find that setting myself smaller monthly goals helps to keep me inspired for the long term…

Update on last month…  

1. Press Ups

I am getting there! Promise. Just a little further to go but I’m determined. I’ve been concentrating on this in my PT sessions with the help of a resistance band to help with the transition from a knee push up to full body push up. I feel a bit like a puppet but basically I attach the band to the smith machine and loop through each arm. I then go down and do a push up and the spring from the band helps me to perform the exercise and strengthen my chest so that hopefully at each session I can lower the smith machine and the band and it becomes harder but I get stronger. It’s difficult to explain but it seems to be working so that’s all that matters!

2. Deadlift Technique

So after a rather sore lower back after doing a 50 kilo deadlift my aim for last month was to maintain this weight but perfect my technique to avoid injury! After practicing my technique with reps at 40 and 50 kilo’s I gradually built it up in a session with my PT and managed to do 75kg safely! It was hard and I may have only been able to do this twice but I am pretty proud of myself and hoping to continue to get more reps as time goes on.


3. Frequency

So my aim was to go to the gym 3 times a week and then have an extra session doing the turbo or a bike ride. The 3 times a week at the gym worked out but the extra didn’t. House hunting has taken up most weekends but now the weather is getting better and the evenings lighter I’m hoping to be out much more in the spring.

4. Nutrition

So this was fun! I had a good read through some of the books I have such as Strong, Lean in 15 and the Lean Machines to get inspiration for work outs and recipes. I have bookmarked my favourites and going to add ingredients to my next shop at Aldi. I also discovered this month that myfitnesspal is not my pal. I kept on forgetting to record what I had eaten and then I just got annoyed so didn’t bother. BEATEN. 

This month… 

1. Lunchtime Walks

Now the weather is better I’m going to aim to go for a lunch time walk at least twice a week. I’m guilty of not venturing far out of the office for lunch so I’d like to make sure I take a break from the computer, enjoy some fresh air and get those extra steps in!

2. Post Stretches & Cool Down

So my body has severely told me off and taught me a lesson this month – always make sure you stretch and cool down. After being in pain for a week I am now fully including this in all my exercise sessions.

3.  No Coffee 

So for some stupid reason I have given up coffee for lent which as someone who works in events is probably a very bad idea. I immediately regretted it on the first day but let’s see how it goes!….

4. Push Ups

It’s going to happen this month!


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