My current skincare routine

So it’s nearly been a year since I shared with you my favourite skin care products for a post ride pamper and as the ‘pout’ of pedal & pout has been somewhat lacking recently here’s an update on what I’m using at the moment….


As a teenager – like most, I suffered from acne and whilst my skin is much better than it used to be it is definitely still prone to blemishes and redness. I was however told from my early awkward teenage years to always cleanse, tone and moisturise (thanks Mum) so I’m pretty strict with my routine especially when taking make up off , even when I’ve had a few too many drinks! I have some holy grail products which I always have in stock and are guaranteed to ask for Christmas and birthdays (more on that later) but I like to try new products and switch it up every now and again because I’m a bit nosey. If you have never experienced the skin care range in the Marks & Spencer’s beauty department – then boy are you missing out…

Every morning I like to use the Clarins – Water Comfort One Step Cleanser with peach essential water to cleanse my face. I discovered this product last year after a recommendation from my close friend Phoebe and I honestly love it! I first tried the one step cleanser with orange which is advertised as for oily combination skin but funnily enough I found it dried out my skin too much so prefer the peach one for ‘normal’ skin. At the time of writing this I’ve run out (boo) as you can see in the photos I was very near the end of the bottle and now I’m using a gel wash it feels really weird having to wet and wash my face with water as with this particular cleanser it’s just a cotton wool pad job –  quick and easy which is another perk in addition to helping keep my skin clear.

 On an evening I add an extra step and take my make up off with the Garnier Micellar Water and for extremely stubborn mascara I use the Garnier Fresh Eye Make-up RemoverI personally don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on make up remover and the Garnier range I find to be really sensitive and soft on my skin so I don’t get any tightness or dryness. They’re both usually always on offer in Superdrug so possibly my favourite budget friendly products out there.


I’d never been that fussy about toners until the day I discovered the Seaweed Oil balancing toner from the Body Shop and well, that’s when it all changed. It’s one of few products I have tried where I have noticed a significant change.  It has algae and cucumber extract and is designed specifically for combination/oily skin to help clarify and purify which I can honestly agree it does!

After once being too chicken to bow out of buying after only discovering the price when at the till the only moisturiser I can say was ever actually worth the money was the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Hydrator which honestly felt like luxury in a bottle. Sadly at £34 it’s not really a sustainable gift to myself where as the Nivea sensitive cream collection does a pretty decent job for an absolute fraction of the price at £4 and it’s usually on offer! Every little helps…


Once a week I try and remember to use the Tea Tree Clay Mask from the Body Shop but  when I have money or it’s birthday month (HELLO MARCH) then I like to use the  Origins Out of Trouble Mask which is my absolute favourite and works a treat when I’m having a bad break out. I bought the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil with a Debenhams gift card I got for my birthday last year and I will be very upset when it runs out. At first I found the concept of adding oil to already oily skin quite alien but it does help to balance the skin, tighten pores and refine skin texture so I tend to use this when my face is pretty spotty or dull. Priced at £33 it is definitely a treat but does last a very long time and works wonders!

What skin care products are your favourite? If you have any recommendations please let me know – I’m always on the look out to try new products even if there’s not quite enough room in my bathroom cupboard!



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