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So as I’m sure you can imagine, as an avid BodyShop fan I was PRETTY excited when I received an email in my inbox with the words ‘Exclusive VIP Event’ in the title. Nearly two weeks ago now, I attended a private event at my local BodyShop in Leeds city centre at their Briggate store. The store received a brand new exciting refurbishment towards the end of last year as it became the first ‘concept’ store of its kind in the UK with a ‘Wild about Leeds’ theme which extends right through the store. The event was exclusively for members of their Love Your Body Club which I obviously are a part of – think of the loyalty points. Discounts and treats galore were promised and they did not let me down!

The staff were absolutely lovely and really welcoming as they always are – Body Shop staff are my favourite! We got an introduction to the evening complete with a glass of Prosecco which I gladly accepted and got a nosey around the new VIP treatment room which looked pretty fancy schmansy and they were offering discounts on treatments and competitions to win treatments too! Sadly I had run out of phone data so there was no #hashtag winning for moi.

On arrival you had the option of choosing from 3 personalised pampering activities 1) a hand massage, 2) a makeup colour matching  session or 3) a skin care consultation. My skin has been misbehaving since Christmas and as I had my eye on utilising the 30% off everything in store I went for the skin consultation. This was done with a member of staff – Jess (who was absolutely great and extremely clued up on all the products) using an online quiz and then based on the results I got recommended certain products which best suited my skin type. Jess tested my skin hydration which was within the norm (I was pleasantly surprised) leaving my priorities on treating my blemish prone skin and adding some much needed life into its very dull looking and fatigued existence.

In the consultation I got reccomended four or five products and well I bought 3 from different collections….I’m a sucker for anything Body Shop!  I’ve not tried any of them yet because I have a lot of skin care products open at the moment so I’m trying to use them all up before starting something new but I thought it’d be nice to share with you what I bought anyways incase you’re after some inspiration or just want to be nosey.


fullsizeoutput_561fullsizeoutput_55f1. Seaweed – Deep Cleansing Gel Wash

I’m a big fan of the Seaweed Clarifying Toner which I must admit has served me very well so why not try the potential winning combo ey? The seaweed collection is pretty much made for my skin type – oil free and suitable for combination/oily skin. It’s designed to remove impurities leaving a shine-free matte finish which is definitely what I aim for in life. If it’s as refreshing as the toner I’ll be happy. My only concern however is that it doesn’t look like it would last long as it’s in a fairly small tube in my opinion but hey ho I’ll give it a whirl.

2. Drops of Youth – Liquid Peel

Whilst I’m only 24 you can never start too early with helping the ageing process and the Drops of Youth collection is designed to help tackle the first signs of ageing. I hadn’t tried any products from this particular range before so I was intrigued when they recommended this for me and also slightly grossed out when I saw the results! So this particular product exfoliates and gently peels off impurities from your skin so it helps to lift dead skin cells and help get rid of all the bad stuff that accumulates from pollution and daily dirt in the air. So as the name suggests its in a gel like formula which you rub on your face in circular motions for a minute or two and then when it changes texture you peel off. Now I think I’m a pretty clean person –  you know I wash daily but when Jess tried this on my hand the amount of dirt (mini bumps) which came up –  well; it was enough to convince me to automatically add it to my basket!

3. Vitamin C – Glow Boosting Moisturiser 

I have the skin reviver from this collection which I absolutely love as it smells delicious, makes my skin feel so smooth and helps keep my makeup looking fresh after hours so I have some inkling as to what this product may be like. The Vitamin C collection is all about revealing your natural healthy looking glow to help combat dull, tired and grumpy skin which I am very much in need of.

I also decided to treat myself to two more face masks 1) Amazonian Acai an energising mask for skin that needs recharge from stress or fatigue and 2) Chinese Ginseng & Rice for brighter and smoother skin. These are usually the products which are excluded from store offers but as on this particular evening everything was 30% off I didn’t want to miss out as they are above what I would usually pay for a face mask. I’m intrigued to see what they are like as I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Himalayan Charcaol Purifying Glow Mask but I’d read some reviews before and non mentioned any tingling or stinging in my case. Big difference. I’ll explain another time I’m sure!


So there you have it – a glimpse into the store and a nosey at what I bought. We also got a goody bag with a cooling gel eye mask  and a Hawaiian Kukui candle which smells divine. So I left pretty happy and I’ll make sure I report back. What are your favourite Body Shop products?




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  1. Body Shop truly is the best, I’ve got loads of their products stocked up in my bathroom 😉 Looks like you had a great night! x

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