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Women’s Cycling Accessories Haul

Christmas and the days of doing nothing but watching Harry Potter films, drinking red wine and eating lots of brie sadly feel like a lifetime ago but I wanted to share with you some presents I got in a cycling themed stocking from Matt. I can still get away with talking about Christmas late January right…? I’m just going to pretend I can! 


I didn’t want to go digging around for prices because I thought that was a bit rude when they were Christmas presents so I’ve linked you to a general website for each item or if you google the names and brands I’m sure they’ll come up 🙂 

Women’s Pro Cycling Trumps

Obviously, Matt had to get me the women’s version of pro cycling trumps. It kept us entertained for hours over the Christmas break and it certainly has helped me discover new female cyclists. I’m also a big fan because it’s an easy game to win haha.

PowerBar Electrolytes 

Electrolytes from PowerBar  to keep me hydrated without added calories. They work by ‘providing your body with the 5 main electrolytes in the ratio they are lost through sweat’ and you add a tablet to water. I’m always dubious about flavours but the Strawberry and Mango Passionfruit flavours are yummy.


Brooklyn Cotton Cap

At the moment it’s all about the headband as it’s freezing but once Spring appears I think this Brooklyn retro cotton cap from Prendas will be a permanent feature in my cycling wardrobe. Matt and I visited New York in November and had the most amazing time so I appreciated the Brooklyn theme!

Velox Rear Saver Mudguard

So I’ve never felt the need for a full mud guard set because well, I’m not out on my bike during winter enough to warrant a set but this rear saver mudguard from Velox sure came in handy for my bike ride last weekend. It’s super easy to clip on and whilst it doesn’t protect fellow bike riders when you’re out cycling together it deflects road spray from yourself and a dry bum and back can only be a good thing.

Water Bottle

Always handy – another water bottle to add to my collection from PowerBar. I like the motto on this one ‘You’re stronger than you think’. Maybe if I remember that it’ll help me get up those hills!


Muscle Butter

This muscle butter is available from a company based in New York which provide all natural skin care for athletes. They have a range of products for cyclists and I really like the bright and simple packaging. The muscle butter is designed to encourage blood flow to sore and tired muscles to  help with recovery. Anything to avoid the foam roller!

Booty Balm for Women

Another product from and I’m a big fan of the name ‘Booty Balm for Women’ – sounds nicer than chamois cream anyways. It’s an all natural butter and oil based cream with the essential oils of lavender and lemon to help protect your skin.


Maybe Matt’s trying to tell me something here? I love a hot long shower after a bike ride and I’m looking forward to trying this soap from Blue Steel. It has tea tree and eucalyptus oils in and promises to be gently exfoliating and very refreshing.


Did you get anything cycling themed for Christmas? Feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments section below!


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