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January Gym Haul


I’ve been going to the gym for a few months now which you can read about here.Whilst I had some gym wear already, as I’m going more frequently I was finding I was often stuck if I hadn’t done a load of washing during the week and well –  it’d be rude not to take advantage of some bargains! It’s of course January and with pennies tight I decided to hit the rails of TK Maxx and the Nike Factory Outlet  to see what I could find….


1. Under Armour Top 

So let’s begin with the only colourful item (albeit the trainers) as this is a rare occasion! This bright blue t shirt is from Under Armour and only cost me £12.99 in T K Maxx. Winner.  I tend to size up to a large in all my tops as I don’t like anything tight and prefer to have baggy clothes in an attempt to make me feel cooler. I thought the colour was pretty really – that’s all plus you can never have too many tops!

2. Nike Dri Fit Top

I am a BIG fan of the Nike Dri Fit range with pretty much all of my tops being from there. This was reduced by £8 and I mean look at that pattern. Couldn’t say no! I couldn’t find this exact version on their site but there’s a similar one in the link above.


I was very adamant that if I was going to buy new leggings they HAD to be burpee-proof. Whilst I am very loyal to my Nike and Adidas bottoms there have been too many occasions during legs, bums and tums class when the instructor has probably seen half my arse.  Not cool. However; a small miracle clearly happened in TK Maxx and not only did I find one pair but TWO which I can safely say stay well above the hips during my workouts. You’ve not heard the best thing yet either – I got two pairs for probably less than the price of one pair of Nike’s. HOORAY. Who knew I could get so excited over gym leggings…

3. Abstract Leggings 

The first pair I got are from American brand 90degreebyreflex who’s mission is to ‘create a lifestyle brand that combines the elements of style, comfort, fit, and performance’ and I can honestly say they tick all 4 boxes. They are full length (don’t have to worry about hairy legs) and feature a black, white and grey feather pattern. Yes, even my gym gear is majority monochrome. I stick to what I like ( and what flatters me most when watching myself pull horrific faces lifting weights). Having gone on the website to find the link to show you above I now definitely have at least another 5 pairs on my wishlist. Best wait for next pay day…


4. White Striped Leggings

The second pair I bought are again from an American brand but this time named RBX Active.  I’m a big fan of plain black leggings (basic) but I thought the white stripe detail on these added a little something to make them different. The fit is very flattering and you feel like everything is firmly tucked away – I’d wear these every day if I could. It’ll be interesting to see if they keep their colour – as see through leggings are not what you want at the gym. I’ll be sure to report back! I couldn’t find this exact pair on the website but the link above takes you to another pair I definitely need in my life.


5. New Balance 790v6  

I’ve been lusting over new gym trainers for a while now and have been desperate to replace my white boring tatty ones with something more colourful so when I spotted these I was pretty much a magpie after a sparkly ring. I admit I didn’t know much about the quality or technicality of them when I bought them but after some research it seems like I did pretty well. They are a dedicated women’s running shoe and oh my word SO comfy. I couldn’t find them on the TK Maxx website but the link above takes you to where they’re actually a similar price. Their RRP is £60 but I got them for £34.99 after a desperate rummage through the shelves for a size 7. They definitely bring some much needed colour into my wardrobe.

I bought everything except the Nike top from T K Maxx. Now in no way is this a sponsored post because LOL 5 people read my blog but I honestly cannot rave enough about them. By far my favourite shop at the moment you just need to be in the right mood to have a dig but I promise being patient pays off especially when you can find Essie nail varnish for £2.99 (thanks for the heads up Anisha) but I think that deserves a whole other post on it’s own.

If you’re not quite in the mood for the gym I find a new gym outfit is definitely a motivator! If you’re after some more inspiration you can take a look at a previous post of mine where I share with you a gym gear wishlist. See what takes your fancy.

Happy shopping 🙂




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