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Cycling : 2016 Progress & 2017 Goals

My previous two posts have been reflective celebrating my first year blogging (woohoo) and my changing attitude towards the gym in 2016. So I thought why not make it a hat-rick ey – and look back on my first year of cycling where I have gone from literally screaming on the roads to riding my first 50 miler.  Oh how I’ve changed…

Now I think it’s pretty obvious to you all (or at least I hope) that I am no serious cyclist – I mean my blog is called pedal and pout for goodness sake and I still cycle in my trainers (oh hey spot the newbie) but this year I finally gave it a go and heck I am so very happy and proud that I did.

I’m calling 2016 my ‘baby steps year’ into cycling. Compare my Strava to Matt’s and well, I’m put to shame. No I’ve not ridden hundreds of miles and admittedly there were sometimes huge gaps in between bike rides but I have achieved what I wanted too. At the start cycling for me was about building confidence, increasing my fitness levels, adopting a new hobby and finding a way to look after myself better both mentally and physically – all of which I have achieved.

As a proud Yorkshire lass I’ve loved discovering more of the beautiful countryside right on my doorstep and the sense of freedom which cycling gives me is like no other feeling. Not only have I found cycling both physically and mentally rewarding but I’ve found a whole new community online to not only share my story with but learn from which continuously inspires content for this blog and encourages me to learn more.

2017 is all about ‘getting a bit more serious’ (obviously not too serious) where I hope to get out more regularly and I’ve got some goals in my head I’d like to focus on.


My first ‘proper bike ride‘ as I like to call it consisted of a 40km bike ride and that KNACKERED me. However as the year has gone on my fitness has improved increasing the distance which I can cycle. 40km is now comfortable , 60km is a good day out, 80km however is what on earth are you doing to me?  I’d like to make 80km more towards the good day out spectrum.


For cycling standards I am still quite slow (1o-12mph) however in my rides towards the end of the year I did see my speed increasing but I couldn’t hold it for the whole of the ride so I’d like to try get my shorter distance rides (40km) up to average 14-16mph and gradually build on that as we go on.


I’m pretty terrified of moving onto cleats. Everyone I have spoken to about it has told me that I will fall off at first but that in the long run it makes life a hell of a lot easier so I’m kinda torn. AHHHH. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this!

I’m sure more specific goals will come up throughout the year such as beating a certain time to get up the bugger that is Creskeld Lane (Matt knows the one) but for now I’d like to keep more general goals in mind before I start trying to conquer the world of cycling! I hope to see some real progress and improvement I just need to keep up my motivation, believe in myself and get pedalling!


What are your cycling goals for 2017?

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6 thoughts on “Cycling : 2016 Progress & 2017 Goals
  1. Small goals are the best! Easy to achieve and you’ll feel amazing when you do 😊 Going from 40-80km is a big achievement so I’m sure 2017 will bring even more. x

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