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Making friends with the gym

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 I spent mine watching all the Harry Potter films, eating too much chocolate and drinking a lot of prosecco. A HUGE contradiction to what I’m about to write but hey it was the festive season & calories don’t count at Christmas – right? Last week I shared with you my thoughts on my first year blogging so in true January motivational spirit I thought I’d reflect on one of my fitness journey’s in 2016 – the gym.

I joined my local gym late August and didn’t quite get off to the best start. I had a weight loss induction and within 10 minutes soon discovered how truly unfit I was and ended up needing to sit down in the staff room with a Lucozade. That was pretty embarassing but I was determined to stick at it and 4 months later I can’t believe how far I have come and how much my fitness has improved. I’ve lost half a stone, dropped a jeans size and have seen noticeable changes to my body. I obviously have quite a long way to go before I reach my ultimate goals but my attitude towards reaching this has had a complete overhaul and I feel confident in achieving this and more determined than ever.

For years I paid for a gym membership at university and would only do the treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machine because I thought that was what would get me the best results. I was completely uneducated and quite frankly got so bored doing the same thing on a machine every time I went that I soon gave up and got stuck in the same repetitive scenario of joining a gym, lasting 2 months then quitting again. ZZZZ. Through my personal trainer I’ve learnt how to use different machines, discovered weights and completed HIIT workouts which I never thought in a million years I would be able to without collapsing.

In a good week I aim for two gym classes, a one hour session guided by my personal trainer and then a session by myself. My favourite classes are spin (quite an obvious one there) and legs, bums and tums both of which get me seriously sweaty.  I made the personal decision to prioritise my spending and save so I could afford the individual personal training sessions but there are so many Youtubers and bloggers out there such as Carly Rowena, Clean Eating Alice and Zanna Van Dijk who post daily that you can easily create your own session using their work outs 🙂

Every week I surprise myself with how much I can push myself and my relationship with exercise has completely changed. I no longer see it as a punishment to myself for eating too many chocolate bars or drinking that glass of wine at the weekend – a mentality which I think has always hindered any progress in the back of my mind. I now see exercise in a positive light as a way of looking after myself physically and mentally, a way to get stronger and a way to feel more confident in my own skin. I’m friends with the gym – something I would never have said this time last year.

I won’t be starting any youtube work out videos any time soon and I most definitely are not in the kind of shape which those I look too for inspiration are but my attitude changing is probably the biggest leap of progress I’ve ever made and to conquer that is a huge personal achievement.

After a few weeks off celebrating all things festive with family and friends it’ll be time to get back on it tomorrow. Good luck if you’re getting back into the swing of things or starting completely afresh this January. Remember to focus on the positives not the negatives 🙂



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