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Making positive changes


Back in August I shared with you all my commitment to start listening to my body and learning how to take better care of it. I’ve made some positive changes since then so I thought it was about time I gave you a little update…


The first step I took was joining my local Pure Gym. I wanted to get into a routine and with winter on it’s way I knew I wouldn’t be jumping up for joy cycling in the cold and rain. The first time I went I had an induction which involved some exercises to assess my fitness levels. It didn’t go too well and after some pretty easy excercises  I ended up sat in the staff room with a Lucozade Raspberry for 20 minutes because I needed a sit down. I was that bad. 

It didn’t put me off though and if anything it made me more determined to go back and try again because I didn’t want to let myself down anymore. I’ve been going for 8 weeks now and can honestly say my fitness levels have improved massively. I aim to go 3-4 times a week and mix it up with a personal training session once a week, classes and individual sessions. I’m enjoying the routine and find that a morning workout gets my head in focus for the day or an evening workout helps me get the day off my chest!

Diet & Nutrition 

I’ve definitely found changes to my diet and nutrition a lot harder to make than the exercise. I’m managing to balance healthy foods and treats much better but could probably still cut down on the treats (oops).  I just love chocolate too much. I am however slowly learning what I need to fuel my body with and when – taking into consideration more what I am putting on my plate. I am struggling with eating too much fat and not enough protein though so if anyone has any tips for me then any would be much appreciated! I’ve also cut down on my drinking (not that I drank a lot before) and save it for bigger social or special occasions instead of a casual drink after work.

So far I’ve lost half a stone and dropped a jeans size which I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with. There’s still more work to do but I’m feeling positive, happy and confident about it all – something I’ve not ever been able to say before about losing weight!


Thanks to my work bestie Thierry for taking this photo. He has a fantastic project called My Humans  which I think you should all check out 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Making positive changes
  1. Keep it up Sarah! I didn’t cycle loads last winter, but found that due to my winter gym training, I was able to pick up pretty much where I left off when I did start to ride more regularly again. x

    1. Thanks! Yep that’s the plan I want to train over the winter then starting taking cycling more seriously next summer 🙂 Hopefully losing some weight will make it easier going up hills! x

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