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Listening to my body

My body is well and truly judging me right now. A couple of days spent with the girls celebrating new jobs, reunions and life in general has led to my body absolutely hating on me – so much so that I’m currently snuggled up in bed feeling rather sorry for myself looking super fly with a damp towel on my head because hey I’m just too damn sexy.

Now don’t get me wrong I had the best few days – I mean look at us – cuties.


But it is safe to say that my recycling bin is very much full of empty Prosecco bottles and the only vegetables (if any) which my eyes saw at the weekend were either in my burger or on a pizza.  I am a firm believer in that you should never restrict yourself and nothing should ever be 100% cut out however we should have a balance which I for one have definitely not achieved recently.

Earlier this week I was tucking into a bowl of Morrison’s Choco Crackles (super healthy) when BBC Breakfast reported a study had found that Britons under-report their calorie intake. Data collated for the study suggested that people eat 3000 calories a day compared to 2000 and this got me thinking….

Do I honestly take note of what I am putting into my body? 

It is SO easy to rack up those extra calories by picking up a biscuit or two in the office because ‘it’d be rude not too’ or getting that sausage sandwich at work because ‘it’s FRIYAY’. It’s also easy to let your emotions change your eating habits. When I am tired or stressed I’ll go straight for the sugar which in the end just leaves me feeling fat and sluggish.

It’s important to understand your body’s needs and understand the impacts which food can have, both physically and mentally.  I need to start listening to my body more and looking after it’s needs instead of my sweet tooth and I’m looking forward to learning!

Have you got any tips?


Thank you to these beautiful wonderful human beings <3

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6 thoughts on “Listening to my body
  1. Loved this post!!! And love your style of writing, makes me laugh along with you!! You go girl 🙂
    Also, totally need to start taking care of myself more too haha.

    Love Katie

  2. Ahhh this post is so how I feel right now! I find My Fitness Pal so useful for keeping track of my calories and trying to get that balanced diet. It’s way too easy for me to chomp my way through crazy amounts of food and still feel hungry because all I ate was sweets haha xx

    1. I definitely need to get back on my fitness pal! I’ve started the gym now so I think that will make me think more carefully before I go eating more crap. I hope so anyways!

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