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A few weeks, well months ago (oops) I shared with you my favourite skin care products to spruce myself up after a long sweaty bike ride. I therefore thought it was about time for the next instalment. Getting in the shower after a long bike ride or workout is literally my favourite thing ever – it feels like such a treat so here are some of my favourite products.


The Body Shop – Strawberry Shower Gel

As my go too classic – this little number is my signature shower gel. Smelling delightful and making me not want to leave the shower ever this one is a firm favourite and I love it even more when I grab it in the Body Shop sale for £8. It will honestly last you ages!


Sanctuary Spa – Cooling Shower Drench 

Sanctuary isn’t a brand I typically go for as I must admit I’m usually a sucker for the Soap & Glory packaging but when there’s an offer it’s rude not too take it up – right? I was attracted by the name as a cooling shower drench sounded like 100% what I need when I’m tired and sweaty and boy did it do the trick. You can really smell the watermelon and cucumber extracts and it leaves your skin feeling indulgently revitalised.


 The Yorkshire Soap Company – Soap Bar

I think the bicycle print says it all really? 🙂


 Boots Own Brand – Zingy Minty Fresh Shower Gel

When it’s nearing the end of the month and pay day feels like a lifetime away I head straight over to the shelves which the selection of shower gels from Boots are occupying. There are different versions but my favourite is this zingy minty fresh shower gel but the only problem is I love the smell so much I can easily use half a bottle in one go if I’m not careful, but priced at 75p per bottle that’s acceptable behaviour surely?


The Body Shop – Pinita Colada Shower Gel

Now this is definitely my ‘treat’ shower gel.Close your eyes and for a few seconds you’ll honestly think you’re on holiday with this dreamy smell! Be warned – you will crave a Pina Colada afterwards.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know any further recommendations!


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