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5 tips for staying calm at work


I’m writing this post as I’ve found myself feeling quite irritable and tired with the impacts of working both during the week and on weekends finally catching up on me. Knowing full well I needed to take a rest I’ve booked a few day off work and are currently writing this post in the glorious sunshine in my garden. I even have suncream on and a glass of Fanta Lemon in hand – it must be summer….

Everyone at some point in their lives will have felt some stress or anxiety throughout their career caused by a particular job, it’s understandable – after all we are only human! However, unfortunately for some these overwhelming feelings can become a daily regular occurrence which can significantly impact both your mental and physical wellbeing and relationships with others. I have to admit I’ve sucked dramatically in the past at looking after myself and maintaining a healthy work/life balance which is partly the reason why I started this blog in the first place – you can find out more here.  However I have found methods which work for me and I am a lot calmer because of them – so I hope these work for you 🙂

1. Do not check your emails at home

It’s very easy to add your work ‘inbox’ on your phone or have a quick peek when you’re on your computer but really if it is out of hours – what can you actually do about it at home? You can’t ever possibly switch off if you are hearing your phone go ‘ping’ every other minute and if you see the amount of emails you have to deal with it can often cause you to feel anxious about going to work the next day. Keep your home your happy place and get that inbox deleted now!

2. Take your lunch break

Now this is something I have slowly got better at! No matter how busy you are taking at least 15 minutes away from your desk can do a world of good. I have quite bad eyesight as it is and so I sometimes struggle sitting at a computer all day . I therefore make sure I’m constantly getting up now and again to give my eyes a break. Take advantage of a dry day and go for a walk around the block or take a book to read in the staff room. Simply changing your environment for a small amount of time will help.

3. Drink plenty of water and eat well

I’ve definitely started to become more aware of the impacts of what I’m eating have on both my body and my moods. When I’m feeling down I eat and of course the more I eat the more down I feel because I’ll have put on weight! It’s a cruel circle. We’re certainly a biscuit kinda office and when they’re sat there on the table looking delicious and I’m feeing all ‘ahhh’ with the amount of events I have at the moment it’s easy for me to give in. Stop and think if you really need those 4 chocolate chip cookies you’re about to eat….

4. Make sure you’re comfortable in your environment

Can you see your computer correctly? Is it too bright, too dark, too cold, too hot? Your immediate environment at work is an important factor in making sure you feel comfortable and ready to tackle the day ahead. I like to add little trinkets to my desk to make it feel more like mine. My current favourite being a cross stitch in a frame which says ‘Shake it Off’ because obviously that’s what Taylor would do – duh.

5. Be organised

I am the queen of to do lists as I simply have to write everything down. This obviously has nothing to do with all the pretty stationery I can buy from TK Maxx and Paperchase… 😉 My colleagues always know when I’m on a mission as I tend to grab a load of a3 paper and escape with my impressive Sharpie pen collection to just get everything that’s going on in my head to do with work on some paper. It makes me feel a lot calmer and it’s easier to see the links between work when it’s all written down. I also like to colour coordinate my calendar depending on what is going on so I divide it into meetings, tasks, reminders and events. It not only makes my calendar look more interesting but gives me a clear plan for my day and week.

What tips do you have? If you try any of these let me know how you get on 🙂


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