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NYERRL : Behind the Scenes


This week I volunteered at Round 3 of the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League (NYERRL) which took place in the picturesque village of Sherrif Hutton, North East of York. NYERRL is a series of evening road races taking place over the summer with different local clubs taking the role and responsibility of events organiser. This week, local Leeds cycling club Alba Rosa were in charge. Formed in 2012 the local cycling club affiliated with British Cycling have over 500 members who regularly take part in social rides, chain gangs, training rides, races and sportives.

60 cyclists participated in the road race which saw them tackle a 44 mile route consisting of 4 laps including Bulmer Bank a pretty steep hill in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. (I definitely picked my dream future house.)

 I was on sign on at the beginning (conveniently based in the pub) where cyclists signed in, collected their race numbers and handed in their British Cycling licenses which showed they were eligible and insured to race. Once all riders were signed in they were briefed and marshals were sent to get ready. Marshals were appointed points across the race course to act as eyes and ears for the organisers assisting the traffic management company with rolling road closures, directing cyclists and warning them off any upcoming hazards. I was stationed at the finish line informing riders of how many laps they had left, ringing the bell when 1 lap was left (most important job obviously) and recording the results at the end which is quite a challenge when they are so quick!

The race was a great success with an impressive finish! Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated. It was lovely to meet new people and fellow cyclists on the evening and great to see behind the scenes! If you’re intrigued to see how a cycling race works or simply want to meet new people and have a laugh then I’d definitely recommend volunteering – I had a great time. If you’re around the Leeds area then get in touch and email If you want a read from a rider’s view then check out this blog post here.


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