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Oh hello sun

We’re allowed to say it’s summer now right? Last weekend was absolutely beautiful so me and Matt decided to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and take the scenic route full of country lanes, green fields and of course sheep! I unusually started cycling in winter so have only been used to gloves and base layers so whilst I didn’t think it when on hills the sunshine was a welcome delight. As I’m still pretty new to cycling my kit is fairly basic so in optimistic preparation a few weeks ago I bought some simple summer additions for my wardrobe which I was very thankful for at the weekend.


An absolute must when it’s bright and sunny as you obviously need to be able to see where you’re going! I purchased mine from wiggle ‘s own brand dhb for £19.99.They came with 3 different types of lenses all with different colour filters which is great. However, they only come in one size and mine are too long for me so keep on falling down my face! I’m going to have to try some DIY work on them. You can check them out here.


Last weekend Rapha hosted a pop up shop in Leeds selling items no longer available online  and heavily discounted (although still expensive to me). Matt did pretty well out of the shop but they were lacking in women’s sizes larger than an XX small! He did however pick me up a black and white cap for a tenner which is pretty comfy!

Short Sleeve Jersey

A short sleeve jersey with no base layer was an absolute dream on Sunday. As I’m still not (yet) fussed about more expensive pro gear I picked this up at a bargain price of £12. Available in 3 different colours I decided to shy away from black for a change and go for a nice minty minty green keeping me visible on the road. Have a nosey here.


I’m sure after the next pay day there’ll be some more additions to the cycling wardrobe! What would you recommend now the weather is getting better?





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4 thoughts on “Oh hello sun
  1. For me shorts are essential as soon as it gets warm, my legs always end up so warm! That might just be me though haha… Main downside of shorts being that I always end up with chain lube on my legs! Oops! Xx

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