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So I’m not ashamed to admit it if I know I’m going for a bike ride I like to try keep the rest of that day or at least a few hours free in order to recover. Cycling hasn’t quite yet become the norm (although I’m hoping this will change with the better weather over the summer) therefore at the moment as soon as I’m in through the door, trainers are off and I lie on the sofa (via the fridge) feeling pretty sorry for myself and complaining how my legs hurt for at least 3o minutes. Ok maybe 45….When I am finally ready to move and resemble a human being again there’s nothing more I love than a good old pamper. After all you deserve it after working up a sweat for 6okm!

I therefore thought I’d introduce this little series where I share with you what products I use for a post ride pamper. First up, skincare….


Your skin is put through a lot on a regular day – pollution, sun, makeup – never mind when you’re cycling and can be exposed to all elements within 5 minutes! It’s therefore important to have a deep cleanse. As someone with typically greasy and acne prone skin (which isn’t exactly helped by sweat) I like to use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Priced at around £20 for a 150ml pump bottle it isn’t the cheapest but for me is 100% worth it. You rub the cleanser (1 or 2 pumps up to you) all over your face & neck including eyes as it is safe to take off mascara and eyeshadow then damp the muslin cloth with warm water and wipe away the cleanser from your face.


I use it on a daily basis every evening to take my make up off as make up wipes just cause me to break out and it’s great for taking off mascara. It’s amazing and sometimes quite disgusting just to see how much dirt is actually on your face! I don’t tend to wear makeup when I go for a bike ride but still like to use this to ensure my face has a good clean.

It’s now a regular item on my birthday and Christmas list along with my favourite MAC foundation. Recently for my birthday I got the limited edition Rose & Cedrat scented cleanser which just smells delightful and I usually find that a  150ml bottle used every evening lasts me around 3-4 months. So worth the investment I’d say!


This is probably my favourite product of the whole lot. The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. It smells delicious and is instantly soothing and refreshing on your skin. On the back of the packaging it says ‘revive your spirits’ and that it does.


It instantly wakes your skin up and it’s also my go to product when I’m slightly hungover after a few too many, it makes you feel wonderful again! Try it and you’ll totally get me.

MoisturiseWhilst this isn’t my favourite moisturiser (I got it as part of a package so thought I’d best use it up) I do love how it has a pump so you’re not wasting product and just one pump is enough to cover the whole face without lathering your face in too much moisturiser. This particular skin repair light moisturiser is also well suited to my skin type as it is designed for combination/oily skin.


The major fallback to this product for me personally is that it doesn’t include SPF. SPF moisturisers are a must have especially for cyclists as even when it is isn’t bright and sunny ultraviolet rays can be out to get your skin cells and SPF also helps with anti-ageing. (I’m very sad that I now have to think about this) I would always recommend using an SPF moisturiser before a bike ride such as Early Defence Day Cream from No 7 £19.50 at Boots or Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser also available at Boots for £2.90.


If I’m really feeling the bike ride and feel a bit groggy I add in a face mask. My current favourite is the Anti Blemish Mud Mask for Oily and Spot Prone Skin by Quick Fix Facials and priced at around £3 is a real bargain. It makes me feel less guilty about spending on the Liz Earle products! Designed for congested and blemish prone skin with excess oil the mud mask uses dead sea mud, salicylic acid and tea tree oil to work the skin. You might look like a bit scary for 10 minutes but it’s worth it when your skin comes out beautifully clear later. Just remember you have it on if someone knocks on the door…

What are your favourite products to use?




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5 thoughts on “Post Ride Pamper – Skincare
  1. I’m a huge fan of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth, but I have to say my favourite post cycle fix is an Epsom Salts bath, always soothes tired limbs.

    1. OOOH now that’s a good idea! We couldn’t have a bath in the old flat I was in when writing that post as the plug hole was broken but hopefully now I will 🙂

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