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So this post is inspired by one absolutely epic fail.Let’s rewind to a few weeks ago when me and Matt set off for another Saturday morning bike ride….

I was super excited to get back out on the roads and really wanted to prove to myself that this was a new hobby I could seriously kick ass at. Unfortunately my body was having none of that! I felt terrible. I was thirsty, I was cold, I felt sick and my legs did not have the energy to pedal never mind drive me up the hills of Yorkshire. After probably not even 1/4 of the way to our destination I bailed and to be honest felt like an absolute idiot. Now, everyone has their off days and we are more than entitled to them but I didn’t want this to happen again. I’ve therefore put together some tips based on mistakes I made to help you get ready for your bike ride.

1. Get your kit ready the night before

Get everything you need for your bike ride out & ready the night before and check the weather forecast to see if you’re going to need that extra layer.I like to lay everything out on the floor so I can clearly see what is there and what isn’t – especially accessories like my glasses which I seem to put somewhere different every time. It also helps to avoid a mad panic in the morning diving in the washing basket for that one missing arm warmer! You’ve been there…

2. Have an early night

Safe to say I can get very moody when I am tired. Waking up in a bad mood isn’t the right frame of mind for conquering a long bike ride and neither is a tired body. Aim for at least 8 hours sleep and if you have had a particularly busy week, just go to bed earlier! You don’t necessarily need to go to sleep as soon as you go to bed but turn your phone & laptop off, dim the lights and let your brain relax for a while. You’ll feel a lot better for it 🙂

3. Eat the right breakfast

The morning of said epic fail I had peanut butter on toast as we had no milk for cereal.  BAD MOVE. As we usually go for a bike ride in the morning we pretty much eat breakfast, brush our teeth and go. If this is you, you need something which can be quickly digested such as a smoothie, porridge or omelette if you have the time.

4. Drink water

 You obviously don’t want to drink too much just before you go out otherwise you’ll be wanting to stop a lot but it is extremely important to stay hydrated. We usually go for a bike ride in the morning therefore I try and drink water the night before and in the morning. Generally I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day at work to keep productivity levels up and avoid headaches.

5. Check your bike

Don’t get caught out by loose brakes or a flat tyre 15 minutes into your journey. Check your bike before you leave (preferably the night before too) and make sure you carry the essentials such as a puncture repair kit and spare inner tube in your saddle bag for any emergencies or unplanned breaks. I learnt this at the weekend after I made contact with a rather large pothole…

If you have any other tips to share don’t forget to comment below 🙂


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