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Winter Warmers

Winter obviously isn’t the best season to begin cycling in the UK. It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s windy. The good thing is though  -winter is the correct season for January sales so I took advantage of some Christmas money and spent a few hours browsing wiggle for some key winter basics to keep me warm and safe from the elements(or as much as I could be). If you haven’t heard of they have your cycling, running, swimming and outdoor needs all under one roof and the best thing? You get a packet of free Haribo in your parcel.


wiggle order

As I had absolutely no cycling gear the first very important purchase was of course – a helmet and I got the 50NTA Road Helmet from Kask in black and blue to match my bike obviously. (Excuse the picture it needs a clean…)

helmet 001.jpg

The rest of my winter kit purchases included a pair of gloves, headband, tights, jersey, base layer and a wind proof jacket all with the aim of keeping me warm and dry. Everything except the gloves and helmet are from a brand called dhb which I’d say are one of the most reasonably priced cycling brands. For some reason I found it very amusing walking around the flat in my tights sitting on usually uncomfortable places and testing the bum cushioning -bootilicous.


Now anyone who knows me well will know my love for wearing black and avoiding anything bod con – I’m a skater dress kind of girl on a night out and a baggy jumper with jeans girl during the day. Therefore, the thought of tight fitting brightly coloured high VIS clothing TERRIFIED me. I ordered my usual size in tights (nice and stretchy) but had to go a size above on the jersey. Clearly sizes for tight cycling gear don’t work well for women with busts…..but hey I’m trying to rock it.


I have to say from my bike rides so far the wind proof jacket and base layer have definitely been my best friends. For some reason we choose to go cycling every time it rains and is freezing cold which I guess is quite frequent in the Yorkshire Dales.  On my first bike ride to Otley my gloves from a brand called DeFeet didn’t quite make the cut, my hands were freezing cold and felt quite painful but it was very bad weather for parts so I’m hoping that was just an extreme case.

I also got myself some sexy safety glasses from Clas Ohlson to help protect my eyes from whatever is in the air when it’s windy or I’m descenting on hills fast and a water bottle is ESSENTIAL for when you’ve tackled that hill!

hoy bottle

Hopefully after some more bike rides I’ll be able give you some more personal thoughts but fingers crossed Spring hurries up and brings some good weather 🙂

If you have any brands or particular pieces you recommend for winter please let know – especially gloves!


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3 thoughts on “Winter Warmers
  1. dhb are Wiggle’s own name brand. I got some bib shorts and normal cycling shorts for Christmas, they are ace. I also have a dhb Merino wool base layer which is a few years old now, but is still my favourite. You should keep your eyes peeled for the cycling events at Aldi, some of it is pretty good and very cheap.

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