A day in Cambridge

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I visited Cambridge for the first time at the weekend and my word I have never seen so many bikes in my life, which makes sense as it has the highest level of cycling in England! It’s easy to see why the famous picturesque area is known as the ‘city of cycling’ as you can find bikes parked everywhere, on railings, bike stands, walls & places they probably shouldn’t be parked at… They really were absolutely everywhere and I love how it appears to effortlessly be a part of so many people’s lives and part of everyday routines. Although, I think cycling there would drive me mad as there were so many tourists (me included with my camera around my neck).

I was in Cambridge with some university friends for our first reunion of 2016. However I must admit we didn’t end up seeing much of Cambridge as although it was beautifully sunny it was really cold and we all had way too much to catch up on!

We stopped at a small quaint pub located by the river called ‘The Mill’ which I would definitely recommend – the food was great with huuuuge portions. After just wanting to pop in for a bite to eat and an afternoon beverage, we ended up staying there for six hours, chatting, eating, drinking, playing board games and drinking some more. You wouldn’t believe how rowdy a game of Risk can get when you have a group of 8 tipsy geographers.

In the evening we moved on to a tapas restaurant called La Raza and there was SO much food. We ordered a £10 per person menu but added some extras including goats cheese and calamari. The chicken & chorizo paella was my favourite dish MMM MMM.

cambridge 016.jpg

(This isn’t even half of it…..oops)

It was a lovely relaxing weekend with good food, good wine and good friends. Now all I want to do is get back on my bike after seeing everyone in Cambridge! Sadly the one below isn’t mine!


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