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Revolution Series Round 6

At the weekend me and Matt visited the National Cycling Centre in Manchester for the finale of the Revolution 2015/2016 series. The Revolution Series is a number of track cycling events showcasing top cyclists in a range of fast paced races.

Cycling is my  favourite sport to watch and the Revolution Series is especially great as there’s a fantastic atmosphere, it’s affordable and you get to see some big names!



 Each session forms of three parts – the Elite Championship,  UCI and Hoys Future Stars.

  1. The Elite Championship is where riders from teams aim to score as many points as they can in a range of races including the Elimination Race and Madison Time Trial. There are 6 rounds across the Revolution Series and so at the weekend we saw the winners ‘Team Wiggins’ awarded.

2) UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Classification races have UCI points available to go towards rider and team qualification for the UCI World Cups and World Championships later on in the year.

3) Hoys Future Stars races showcase upcoming junior riders who are aged 15 and 16. They race in individual competitions with the aim of becoming the HOY Future Stars champion.


We bought early bird premium tickets for £25 and were sat by the line on the back straight which gave us a great view as I could nosey at everyone getting ready in the middle too. I always think it looks like a giant spinning session!


There were also several women’s races with the line up for Round 6 including the absolute cycling golden girl Laura Trott who of course made winning look easy! It was a close call in the elimination race though with Trott being challenged by Emily Nelson of Team Breeze who finished second.

Meanwhile in the men’s – Theo Bos, the 32 year old Dutch rider and 5 x World Champion made a return to the Revolution Series beating British Lewis Oliva in the sprint final. Matthew Rotherham from Bolton received a lot of cheers as a local boy on the track.

Round 6 saw the exciting debut of Team Breeze – British Cycling’s new team for women academy riders. This is part of a strategy aiming to inspire more women to participate in cycling regularly- which can only be a good thing! The ‘Breeze’ programme encourages women to feel comfortable and confident cycling, riding bikes for fun which for me is what it’s all about! They run various guided  rides for all abilities across the country so make sure you check their website out.

The great thing about the Revolution Series is that it really is for everyone! Male, female, young & old –  it doesn’t matter if you know a lot about cycling or not, it truly is incredible to watch! I would definitely recommend 🙂



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