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Introducing Pedal and Pout

Hi I’m Sarah and welcome to Pedal and Pout, a blog following my journey from exercise phobe to newbie cyclist. As a complete beginner I’ll be sharing with you my experiences and what I learn as I go along, in addition to some beauty & lifestyle posts added in for good measure.

I’ve always loved watching cycling (especially Track at the Olympics ) and enjoyed leisurely exploring by bike on holiday but never plucked up the courage to ride at home in the UK. I guess a lack of confidence, horror stories from cyclists being injured on the roads and quite frankly laziness has always held me back.

After getting myself into a bit of a tizz a few months ago I decided I needed to look after myself better and try something new. Some may say this was inevitable as my boyfriend is a super keen cyclist but finally after 3 years of persistence Matt convinced me to start cycling instead of just watching others do it. I have to admit his tactic of offering to buy me a bike for Christmas (and as part of every other occasion until Christmas 2016) definitely helped with the decision and this way I really do have to do it!

Let’s see how it goes together shall we?


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